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Hydraulic pump power test rig
Main motor power of 250 kw, the highest test pressure of 35 mpa;The hydraulic pump test top speed of 2200 r/min...
Hydraulic pump test-bed maintenance
Used for maintenance before the fault judgment and main performance parameters of the test after maintenance...
Multi-way valve test bench
The multi-way valve test bench can be tested as follows: 1, the overload valve, oil valve leakage test;2, the reversing...
The hydraulic oil cylinder test stand
This hydraulic cylinder test stand to meet the national standard GB/T 15622-2005 hydraulic cylinder test method and mechanical...
About Us
       Guangzhou Yutop measurement and control technology co., LTD by long engaged in hydraulic measurement and control technology research and development experts to create, to focus on to provide users with one-stop solution hydraulic test and control, a hydraulic test system design and development, manufacturing, sales and service of comprehensive ability.To create a world class hydraulic test system. [details]


Professional and efficient
Fully understand the needs of customers, providing customers with professional test solution, test interface simple, clear, graphical operation.


The test accurately
Hydraulic principle of optimization, the test variety, the system stability is strong, ensure accurate and reasonable.


Leading technology
Using frequency control, proportional control and power recovery technology, system energy conservation design, optimize performance, and save energy.


Aesthetically pleasing
With the method of modern industrial design, product function and the unified modelling, beautiful appearance, high atmosphere.


Easy to operate
Installation and test operation using ergonomics principle, installation and operation is simple, practical and convenient.


Excellent technology
Process details clearly, advanced production and processing technology.(such as original antirust technology on inside tank, ensure the equipment in use period does not rust)
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